At Sunburst Database we enjoy solving problems and providing software that is helpful and easy to use. Our area of expertise is database design and application programming.

We specialize in using relational databases to organize information so that it matches real-world situations. On top of the relational architecture, we use Microsoft Access to provide rich user interfaces that are simple to operate yet powerful at managing large sets of records.

Our software can run over the Internet with remote servers, or in local area networks (LANs). We work with many different industries, such as medicine, science, engineering, finance, and education.


Sunburst Database is part of Pressley Consulting Inc., which has been building custom database solutions since 1990. Pressley Consulting was founded in 1990 by Peter Pressley Ph.D., who operates the company as a consulting contractor to businesses that require software solutions.

In its early years, Pressley Consulting offered programming services to large corporations, small businesses, and government agencies using a variety of operating systems and relational databases. With the advent of Microsoft Access in the early 90’s, Pressley Consulting focused on this database platform for developing solutions because it was:

  1. Inexpensive for customers (as part of the Office Pro Suite),
  2. Powerful (full relational capabilities with support for SQL, the standard for all relational databases)
  3. Offered a complete development environment for rapidly creating complete multi-user database applications (using  Visual Basic for Applications, the event-driven programming language built into Microsoft Office applications).