Following is a list of services that are currently available. Each of these services makes use of an existing software system, or re-assembles modules from existing libraries to create a solution.

Custom Applications

These applications can be built to solve unique problems. By utilizing the objects and code from existing programs, new Access database programs can be rapidly developed.

Data Migration

Movement of data records from one system to another can be complicated. Import Tracker DMS is a sophisticated tool that manages this process. It can be set up to perform automated movement of data on a regular schedule, or perform one-time migrations of records from one system to another.

Summary Databases

These database applications can provide condensed summaries of detail records for analysis and reporting.

Document Management

The File Tracker DMS tool can be integrated with database applications to link documents and files that can be viewed, edited, or printed while viewing the database records.

Contact Extensions

These programs can provide additional views of information or filtering capabilities that may not be present in the original contact management systems.

Online Surveys

New internet programs that allow the creation of on-line surveys can be useful for data gathering, and links to the surveys can be made available from web sites or via email. The Survey Tracker system is a sophisticated tool that manages the process of downloading the survey results into databases that can help manage and analyze the information.